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Education Degree Plan Options

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Associate of Science in Education

The Associate of Science in Education (ASE) degree is for students who want to complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree in education and transfer to a four-year institution.

Students should work with education advisors to determine which 4-year university they will attend. 2+2 transfer agreements with these 4-year institutions require students to take courses specific to the university. Meeting with advisors will ensure students take the appropriate courses.

Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Development

This degree will allow a graduate to apply for the Birth through Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Credential from the Division of Early Care and Education of the Department of Human Services. It will allow the graduate to be the lead teacher in a nonpublic school classroom or in a Head Start classroom while continuing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from another institution of higher education. The student will also be qualified to serve as a para-professional in a public school pre-kindergarten classroom. It will not allow the graduate to be the lead teacher in a public school pre-kindergarten classroom.

Early Childhood Technical Certificate

The Early Childhood Development Technical Certificate contains courses in curriculum development and child behavior.

Early Childhood Certificate of Proficiency

The Certificate of Proficiency in Early Childhood Development contains the basic courses that lay a solid foundation for a person wishing to pursue a career working with young children, birth through prekindergarten. The one-semester Certificate of Proficiency allows students to partially meet the requirements to apply for the Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) issued by the CDA Council in Washington, DC.