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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

UA-PTC Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute

Todd R. Gold, CEC, CCA, ACE, AAC
Assistant Dean of Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Renee Smith, M.Ed., CHE
Director of Culinary

Taylor Scott
Administrative Specialist III


Jolie Mosley
Lead Instructor of Culinary Arts

Jan Lewandowski
Instructor of Baking

Rob Best
Instructor of Culinary

Chocla Lea
Instructor of Baking

Adrienne Rogers
Instructor of Culinary

Billy Ginocchio
Instructor of Culinary

Jay McAfee, Jr.
Instructor of Culinary

Wendy Schay
Instructor of Culinary

Ken Lipsmeyer
Instructor of Wine and Hospitality

Cathy Kincaid
Instructor of Baking

Dr. W. Jinnings Burruss
Lead Hospitality Instructor

Robert Hall
Instructor of Culinary

Mitch Berlin
Instructor of Culinary

3D Program

Ashley Bell
3D Program Director

Shanda Thornton
Instructor of Culinary 3-D Program with ASL

Catherine McCormack
Instructor of Culinary 3-D Program

Bailey Smith
Instructor of Culinary 3-D Program


Jill McDonald
Director of Catering

Jackie McKeller Warren
Catering and Event Coordinator

Byron Hammock
Catering Manager

Culinary Purchasing

Jennifer Danser
Culinary Director of Purchasing

Bill Gates
Culinary Purchasing Assistant/Food Prep Specialist

Mailing Address

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute
University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College Little Rock-South
13000 Interstate 30
Little Rock, AR 72210

Google Driving Directions to Little Rock-South