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All Faculty and Staff

Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Name Title Email Phone
Acrey, Glen Instructor of Machine Tool Technology [email protected] 501-812-2253
Adams, Chelsea Academic Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2762
Alexander, Carita Reference and Outreach Librarian [email protected] 501-812-2272
Allen, Belden Mail and Shipping Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2341
Allen, Marvene' Student Services Representative [email protected] 501-812-2327
Allmon, Darren Skilled Tradesman [email protected] 501-812-2200
Anders, Maribeth Instructor of Visual Arts [email protected] 501-812-2785
Anderson, Michelle Dean of Students [email protected] 501-812-2756
Aragon, Randall Academic Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2200
Armstrong, Janine Instructor of Speech Communication [email protected] 501-812-6045
Armstrong, Dr. Vondra Instructor of Business [email protected] 501-812-2252
Austin, Laura Librarian [email protected] 501-812-2811
Bailey, Casey LMS Administrator [email protected] 501-812-2732
Barnes , Mark Instructor of English [email protected] 501-812-2841
Bauldree, James Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Beard, Kyanna Associate Director of Admissions [email protected] 501-812-2230
Becker , James Instructor of Psychology [email protected] 501-812-2234
Berlin, Mitchell Culinary Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2860
Best, Jerry Public Safety Supervisor [email protected] 501-771-6041
Best , Robert Culinary Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2739
Bima, Meredith Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2200
Binci , Alexander Director of Purchasing and Inventory [email protected] 501-812-2366
Blackmon, Kimberly Program Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2822
Blanton, Ashley Lead Faculty 3D [email protected] 501-812-2397
Borders, Terry Skilled Tradesman [email protected] 501-812-2200
Borengasser, Aiwei Instructor of Biology [email protected] 501-812-2267
Boshears, Shannon Vice Chancellor of Advancement [email protected] 501-812-2221
Boswell, Rebecca Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2220
Boulier, Minette Day Care Teacher [email protected] 501-753-0357
Bowman, Sherry Director of Practical Nursing Program [email protected] 501-812-2286
Bowman, Joey Instructor of Automotive Technology [email protected] 501-602-2420 ext.3208
Bradley, Brenda Instructor of History [email protected] 501-812-2819
Branscomb, Louise Admin of Grants and Contracts [email protected] 501-812-2218
Brasfield, Kimberly Career Coach [email protected] 501-812-2822
Brasseur, Mark Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Brenton, Nichole Admin Specialist II [email protected] 501-602-2420 x3212
Brock, Casson Instructor of Education [email protected] 501-812-2845
Brown, Terry Lab Manager [email protected] 501-812-2266
Brown, Clarence Landscape Supervisor [email protected]edu 501-812-2256
Burchett, Scottie Instructor of Cosmetology [email protected] 501-602-2420 ext.3201
Burchett, Dick Dean of Technical Sciences [email protected] 501-812-2858
Burke, Allie Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Burruss, W. Jinnings Lead Hospitality Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2200
Burton, Janica Curriculum Coordinator [email protected] 501-753-0357
Burton, Catherine Veterans Services Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2200
Butler, Alonzo Skilled Tradesman [email protected] 501-812-2855
Campbell, Suzanne Full-Time Faculty [email protected] 501-812-2238
Campbell, Paul Career Coach [email protected] 501-812-2822
Candelaria, Roberto Career Coach [email protected] 501-812-2200
Carpenter, David Instructor of Visual Arts [email protected] 501-812-2364
Carrigan, Tena Exec. Assist. to the Chancellor [email protected] 501-812-2217
Caruthers, Rachael Instructor of Developmental Math [email protected] 501-812-2378
Castleberry, Rebecca Director – Little Learners Academy [email protected] 501-812-1116
Chadwick, Kristen Associate Registrar [email protected] 501-812-2275
Chase, Matthew Instructor of English [email protected] 501-812-2346
Childs, Jonathan DMP Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2309
Chism, Rebecca Interim Dean of Academic Success [email protected] 501-812-2331
Clarke-Fehrenbach, Cynthia Digital Arts Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2310
Coates, Robert Full-Time Faculty [email protected] 501-812-2326
Cole, Rex Chemistry Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2277
Coleman, Amanda Administrative Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2838
Conley, Ebony Interim Dean of the Mathematics and Sciences [email protected] 501-812-2797
Cooper, Jacob Assistant Registrar [email protected] 501-812-2301
Courtright, Cheri Instructor of ASL [email protected] 501-812-2394
Cowley, Kelley Instructor Physical Education [email protected] 501-812-2803
Cox, Ryan Director of Advising and Career Services [email protected] 501-812-2812
Crook, Curtis Academic Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2200
Curry, Adora Advancement Marketing Manager [email protected] 501-812-2771
Dail, Erin Director of Academic Partnerships [email protected] 501-812-2255
Danser, Jennifer Chef/Director of Purchasing [email protected] 501-812-2896
Davis, Wendy Dean of Libraries [email protected] 501-812-2273
Davis, Sam Financial Aid Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2279
Davis, Katie Access Services Librarian [email protected] 501-812-2274
Davis, DeAnna Director of Dental Assisting Program [email protected] 501-812-2236
Desjardin, Deborah Math Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2270
Dingler, Mike Director of UA-PTC Career Center [email protected] 501-812-3207
DiVito, Catherine Registrar [email protected] 501-812-2206
Dixon, Robert Training Specialist [email protected] 501-907-6670 ext.3418
Dixon, Lilly Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2378
Donohoe, Cynthia Fiscal Support Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2209
Donohoe, Cathy Administrative Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2839
Douglas, Ken Instructor of Business [email protected] 501-812-2777
Dudley, Joan Full-Time Faculty [email protected] 501-812-6066
Earney, Kathryn English Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2832
Egli, Billie Controller [email protected] 501-812-2204
Ellibee, Dr. Margaret Chancellor [email protected] 501-812-2216
Elliott, Mischel Instructor of Nursing [email protected] 501-812-2235
Elliott, Jerry Instructor of Truck Driving [email protected] 501-812-2893
Eshleman, Dr. Martha Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology [email protected] 501-812-2766
Evans, Alice Accounting Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2827
Everest, Shaun Training Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2200
Farlough-Rollins, Arrayon Testing Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2821
Faupel, Bonnie Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2834
Fellinger, Ann Instructor of College Studies [email protected] 501-771-6091
Fletcher, Cynthia Math Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2322
Floyd, Wayne Director of Systems Programming and Database Services [email protected] 501-812-2775
Floyd, Catherean Library Technician [email protected] 501-812-2272
Ford, Leah Academic Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2808
Ford, Doug Instructor of Manufacturing/CNC [email protected] 501-812-2240
Fulcher, Larhonda Director of Adult Education [email protected] 501-315-0708
Gall, Mary Training Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2751
Garcia, Vina Administrative Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2855
Garcia, Radeanna Financial Aid Systems Coordinator-LR South [email protected] 501-812-2770
Garcia, Dr. Antonio Instructor of English [email protected] 501-812-2281
Gary, Erin Student Services Representative [email protected] 501-812-2853
Gemmiti, Vincent Director of Aerospace Technology [email protected] 501-812-4100
Giglia, Anthony Medical Director of Respiratory Therapy [email protected] 501-812-2223
Ginocchio, William Culinary Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2861
Glasscock, Sheila Instructor of Theatre Arts [email protected] 501-812-2830
Glenn, Broderick Library Technician [email protected] 501-812-2878
Glover, David Director of Information Services and Chief Information Officer [email protected] 501-812-2318
Gold, Todd Dean of Culinary [email protected] 501-812-2861
Gonzales, Frank Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Gould, Dionna Child Care Technician [email protected] 501-753-0357
Grainger, Michele Finance Manager [email protected] 501-812-2387
Gray, Nicole Career Coach [email protected] 501-812-2822
Green, Jason Director of Academic Technology [email protected] 501-812-2716
Green, Donielle Daycare Teacher [email protected] 501-753-0357
Green, Amy Director of Creative Services [email protected] 501-812-2245
Greenwood, Megan Counselor [email protected] 501-812-2288
Grogan, Calvin Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Gunter, Colby Instructor of Welding [email protected] 501-812-2855
Habimana, Robert Math Insturctor [email protected] 501-812-2764
Hale, Daphne Administrative Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2227
Hall, Robert Culinary Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2860
Hall, Jesse Instructor of Construction Management [email protected] 501-812-2806
Hammett, Denise Instructor of Mathematics [email protected] 501-812-2874
Hankins, Christin Developmental Mathematics Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2877
Hanson, Shelley Instructor of Developmental Mathematics [email protected] 501-812-2708
Hardin, Samuel Landscape Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2200
Harrington, Kay Administrative Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2225
Harris, Tierra Software Support Analyst [email protected] 501-812-2847
Harris, Michal Assistant Registrar [email protected] 501-812-2228
Hearne, April Instructor of Business [email protected] 501-812-2843
Heintz, Kirsten Speech Communication Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2829
Herrera, Michelle Director of Clinical Education and Repiratory Therapy [email protected] 501-812-2223
Hicks, Andrew Instructor of Drafting and Design [email protected] 501-812-2242
Hicks, Kami Education Instructor [email protected] 501-812-6047
Hines, Marsha Grants and Major Gifts Officer [email protected] 501-812-2752
Hodges, Mindy Instructor of Economics [email protected] 501-812-2291
Hodges, Joni Financial Aid Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2200
Holleman, Cynthia Disability Services Counselor [email protected] 501-812-2862
Holloway, Allan Instructor of Automotive Technology [email protected] 501-812-2894
Howard, Wesley Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Huckeba, Judy Student Services Representative [email protected] 501-812-2384
Hucker, Lance Skilled Tradesman [email protected] 501-812-2256
Hudson, Shlynda Academic Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2854
Hudson, Ronald Director of Admissions [email protected] 501-812-2200
Hunkapiller, Terry Tracking Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2801
Hutsell, Brandi Coordinator of Veterans Services [email protected] 501-812-2360
Hutson, Marcia Fiscal Support Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2278
Ikard, Renee Accounting Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2202
Immel, Greg Maintenance Assistant [email protected] 501-907-6670
Ingram, Jennifer Instructor of Cisco [email protected] 501-812-2350
Irvin, Dee Financial Aid Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2321
Jackson, James Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
James, Susan Instructor of Math [email protected] 501-812-2200
Jamison, Josh Computer Support Technician [email protected] 501-812-2317
Johnson, Casey Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2307
Johnson, Terry Instructor of Medical Professions [email protected] 602-2420 ext.3205
Johnson, Tamiko Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2738
Johnson, Mayo Instructor of Information Technology [email protected] 501-812-2380
Johnson, Karen Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2754
Johnson, Carla Library Technician [email protected] 501-812-2878
Johnston, Traci Instructor of Early Childhood [email protected] 501-812-2817
Jones, Weeda Instructor of Dental Assisting [email protected] 501-812-2335
Jones, Tim Director of Public Relations and Marketing [email protected] 501-812-2760
Jones, Christopher Skilled Tradesman [email protected] 501-812-2200
Juhl, Lavonne Director of Financial Aid [email protected] 501-812-2293
Julian, Michael Instructor of Chemistry [email protected] 501-812-2792
Kaffka, Greg Computer Support Technician [email protected] 501-812-2783
Keller, Jerry Instructor of HVACR [email protected] 501-812-2795
Kelley, Shirley Nursing Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2768
Kelley, Sarah Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2231
Kelly, Ebony Retention Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2200
Kennedy, Amanda Admin Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2711
Kincaid, Cathy Instructor of Culinary Arts and Hospitality [email protected] 501-812-2860
Kullenberg, Lindsay Instructor of Business [email protected] 501-812-2290
Kwee, Kimberly Visual Arts Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2871
Langston, Angela Computer Support Technician [email protected] 501-812-2200
Latimer, Frank Instructor of Visual Arts [email protected] 501-812-2868
Lauster, George Natural Sciences Instructor [email protected] 501-202-7462
Lemmon, Allan Anthropology Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2791
Lewallen, Rene Instructor of Math [email protected] 501-812-2867
Lewandowski, Jan Baking & Pastry Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2744
Lewis, Larvinia Day Care Teacher [email protected] 501-753-0357
Lipsmeyer, Kenneth Beverage and Hospitality Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2870
Loaiza Piedra, Diego Director of Student Accounts [email protected] 501-812-2849
Logan, JeTina Landscape Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2200
Loibner-Waitkus, Allen English Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2313
Long, Verkeytia Harris Admin Specialist III [email protected] 501-907-6670
Lothery, Terri Administrative Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2339
Lothery, Kenneith Mail Services Assistant [email protected] 501-812-2200
Lovenstein, Leslie Instructor of English [email protected] 501-812-2377
Lowe, Vernon Payroll Technician [email protected] 501-812-2213
Loya, Michael Instructor of Psychology [email protected] 501-812-2776
Luallen, Nancy Project/Program Manager [email protected] 501-812-2610
Marcotte, BJ Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-771-6040
Martin, Jason Instructor of History [email protected] 501-812-2352
Martin, Dorothy History and Religion Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2238
Martin, Danny Computer Science/Cisco Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2247
Martinez, Lorena Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2723
Matute, Martin Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology [email protected] 501-812-2200
McAfee, Mimi Instructor of Health Sciences [email protected] 501-812-3202
McAfee, Joe Instructor of Electronics [email protected] 501-812-2818
McAfee, James Culinary Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2861
McCormack, Patty Cosmetology Instructor [email protected] 501-602-2420
McDonald, Jill Director of Catering/Executive Chef [email protected] 501-812-2200
McFadden, Jason Career Coach [email protected] 501-812-2287
McGee, Ruth Child Care Tech [email protected] 501-812-2200
McManus, Shelia Financial Aid Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2222
McMillan, Michael Instructor of Computer Information Systems [email protected] 501-812-2372
McVinney, Dr. Barry Instructor of Music [email protected] 501-812-2383
Meadors, Constance Instructor of Physical Science [email protected] 501-812-2848
Miles, Paula Instructor of Biology [email protected] 501-812-2280
Miller, Beth Instructor of Biology [email protected] 501-812-2765
Milligan, Michael Instructor of Chemistry [email protected] 501-812-2846
Mitchell, Brandon Software Support Analyst [email protected] 501-812-2872
Monroe, William Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Moody, Cheryl Spanish Instructor [email protected] 501-812-6065
Moore, Robert Academic Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2301
Moore, Chelsey Program Director CAHMI-3D [email protected] 501-771-6054
Moreland, Chris Maintenance and Operations Manager [email protected] 501-812-6050
Morgan, John Instructor of Automotive Technology [email protected] 501-812-2258
Mosier, Krystina Child Care Technician [email protected] 501-753-0357
Mosley, Jolie Lead Instructor for Culinary Arts [email protected] 501-812-2896
Moss, Richard Director of STEM Success [email protected] 501-812-2825
Murray, Lisa CPI Case Manager [email protected] 501-771-6090
Mustin, Somerly Food Prep Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2860
Myers, Shannon Payroll Technician [email protected] 501-812-2208
Nelson, Desarae Assistant Director [email protected] 501-812-2370
Nesmith, Cindy Administrative Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2338
Newberry, James Skilled Tradesman [email protected] 501-812-2200
Newman, Ashley Academic Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2284
Nicklaus, Christopher Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2200
Nixon, Elmer Instructor of Automotive Technology [email protected] 501-812-2855
Nuckols, Kaplan Director of Catering/Executive Chef [email protected] 501-812-2753
Nugent, Dalana Full-Time Faculty [email protected] 501-812-2362
Oberste, Christina Speech Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2869
Ochoa , Diana Adult Education Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2730
Oliver, Logan Instructor of English [email protected] 501-812-2378
Opitz, Frank Information Systems Analyst [email protected] 501-812-2781
Osborne, Sara Mail and Shipping Supervisor [email protected] 501-812-2341
Owens, Kelly Vice Chancellor for Student Services [email protected] 501-812-2233
Parker, Lennon Digital Communication Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2730
Perrine, Zachary Dean of Enrollment Services [email protected] 501-812-2395
Phillips, Traci Admin Specialist III [email protected] 501-907-6670
Pierce, Pat Instructor of Developmental Reading [email protected] 501-812-2713
Pierce, Jimmy Maintenance Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2365
Pierce, Bradley Instructor of English [email protected] 501-812-2200
Porter, Jim Biology Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2260
Pounds, Lekita Respiratory Therapy Program Director [email protected] 501-812-2357
Price, John Instructor of Business [email protected] 501-812-2842
Purkiss-Jones, Jonathan English Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2794
Pyle, Jayne Director of the Professional Development Institute [email protected] 501-812-2813
Rains, Ben Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2268
Ramey, Julia Instructor of Psychology [email protected] 501-812-2707
Randall, Carol Admin Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2725
Raper, Betty Instructor of Developmental Reading [email protected] 501-812-2378
Rathfon, Eugene Instructor of Developmental Math [email protected] 501-812-2731
Ray, Sara Library Technician [email protected] 501-812-2272
Ray, Jasmine Director of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness [email protected] 501-812-2241
Ray-Trevino, Sherrie Instructor of Spanish [email protected] 501-812-2312
Redd, Melissa History Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2269
Redus, Rochelle Disability Services Counselor [email protected] 501-812-2333
Reed, Robin Instructor of Cosmetology [email protected] 501-602-2420
Reniguntala, Madhu Instructor of Chemistry [email protected] 501-812-6071
Revels, Corrigan Career Coach [email protected] 501-812-2200
Reves, Elizabeth Outreach Coordinator [email protected] 501-907-6670
Rice, Tara Benefits Analyst [email protected] 501-812-2203
Riding, Lana Instructor of Math [email protected] 501-812-2748
Riley, Jack Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Robertson, Randy Psychology Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2895
Robinson, Marian Fiscal Support Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2200
Rusher, Bryan Director of Physical Plant [email protected] (501) 812-2850
Russ, Sonya Instructor of Deve. English [email protected] 501-812-2769
Russ, Jonathan Instructor of Mathmatics [email protected] 501-812-2262
Russell, Thomas Biology Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2705
Ryan, Jamie Instructor of Nutrition/Health and Wellness [email protected] 501-812-2767
Santillan, Jose Maintenance Assistant [email protected] 501-812-2200
Schay, Wendy Culinary Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2860
Schultz, Ralph Instructor of Aerospace Technology [email protected] 501-812-4105
Shelton, Andrew Advancement Associate [email protected] 501-812-2778
Sigel, Melissa Melissa Sigel [email protected] 501-812-2808
Slater, Michael Instructor of Power Sports and Equipment Technology [email protected] 501-812-2285
Slater, Linda Assistant Director Veterans Upward Bound [email protected] 501-812-2809
Smith, Tara Vice Chancellor Finance [email protected] 501-812-2299
Smith, Renee Director of Culinary [email protected] 501-812-2879
Smith, Phillip Paraprofessional/GED Proctor [email protected] 501-778-2325
Smith, Nicolette Philosophy Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2261
Smith, Mandie Instructor of Health and Nutrition [email protected] 501-812-2840
Smith, Kayla Accountant I [email protected] 501-812-2398
Smith, Jacqueline Instuctor of Dental Assisting [email protected] 501-812-2200
Smith, David Public Safety Officer [email protected] 501-812-2711
Snow, Mary Kate Director of TRIO Scholars [email protected] 501-812-2721
Sparks, Nancy Director of Career Pathways [email protected] 501-812-2887
Spence, Jennifer Nursing Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2294
Spitler, Don Instructor of Speech Communication [email protected] 501-812-2246
Stafford, Mark Director of Police & Public Safety [email protected] 501-812-2248
Staggs, Samantha Full-Time Faculty [email protected] 501-812-2263
Standley, Jacob Instructor of Collision Repair Technology [email protected] 501-812-2259
Stanton, Meredith Developmental Writing Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2866
Sterling, Rebecca Interim Dean of Business & Information Technology [email protected] 501-812-2292
Stewart, Veronica Associate Librarian [email protected] 501-812-2347
Stone, Rebecca History Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2790
Strecker, Marla Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor [email protected] 501-812-2337
Strickland, DeMon Food Prep Manager/Sous Chef [email protected] 501-812-2701
Swillum, Jean Instructor of Developmental Mathematics [email protected] 501-812-2865
Taylor, Loria Associate Director of Financial Aid [email protected] 501-812-2224
Terrell, Mary Kate Instructor of Sociology/Anthropology [email protected] 501-812-2875
Tessman, Teresa Facilities and Admin. Support Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2374
Thomas, Moses Director of Computer Operations Ð North [email protected] 501-812-2356
Thomas, Mark Success Coach [email protected] 501-812-2824
Thompson, Dena Financial Aid Systems Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2375
Thornton, Shanda 3D Instructor [email protected] 501-771-6049
Toombs, Jeanie IR Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2864
Treece, Reba Human Resources Generalist [email protected] 501-771-6076
Trent, Tracie Child Care Technician [email protected] 501-753-0357
Trieschmann, Werner Theater and Mass Communication Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2338
Vaughn, Shannon Instructor of Math [email protected] 501-812-2304
Velazquez, Ernesto Instructor of Spanish [email protected] 501-812-2844
Verser, Michelle Administrative Specialist III [email protected] 501-812-2249
Voisin, Primo Instructor of Welding [email protected] 501-812-2200
Walker, Zachary Instructor of Welding [email protected] 501-812-2254
Walker, Joshua Finance Administrator jjwalk[email protected] 501-812-2210
Wallace, Dr. Bentley Director of Economic Development [email protected] 501-907-6670
Walter, Kenneth Inventory Control Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2881
Warner, Gregory Database Administrator [email protected] 501-812-2358
Warren, Rodney Instructor of Math [email protected] 501-812-6083
Washington, Tony Legislative Liaison [email protected] 501-812-6044
Washington, DaLynda Student Services Representative [email protected] 501-812-6079
Washkowiak, Steve Computer Support Technician [email protected] 501-906-6670 ext. 3420
Watson, Lonzella Financial Aid Advisor [email protected] 501-812-2706
Weaver, Joshua Instructor of Diesel Mechanics [email protected] 501-812-2257
Wells, Monica Paraprofessional /GED Proctor [email protected] 501-778-3235
Whitfield, Tammye Clinical Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2325
Wilcox, Shannon Nutrition Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2244
Williams, Stephen Director of Student Services South [email protected] 501-812-2762
Williams, Raymond Instructor of Computer Information Systems [email protected] 501-812-2344
Williams, Jeanne Dean of Allied Health & Human Services [email protected] 501-812-2342
Williams, Jasmine Curriculum Assessment & Technology Specialist [email protected] 501-812-2737
Williams, Ekesha Admin Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2720
Williams, Darrellyn Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology [email protected] 501-812-2215
Wilson, Ganice Administrative Specialist II [email protected] 501-812-2200
Wirges, Robert Computer Support Technician [email protected] 501-812-2782
Wise, Jessica Instructor of Developmental Writing [email protected] 501-812-6082
Wittig, Deborah Student Services Representative [email protected] 501-812-2229
Wood, Jack Philosophy Instructor [email protected] 501-771-6043
Wood, Debra Windgate Gallery & CHARTS Theater Coordinator [email protected] 501-812-2715
Woodard, Regina Instructor of Cosmetology [email protected] 501-602-2420 ext. 3204
Woods, Cassandra Associate Director of Advising [email protected] 501-812-2305
Woods, Paul Computer Support Technician [email protected] 501-812-2890
Wright, Jacqueline Instructor [email protected] 501-812-2726
Wright-Locke, Julie Instructor of Psychology [email protected] 501-812-2379
Young, Sherry Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations [email protected] 501-812-2724
Young, Sharee STEM Success Coach [email protected] 501-812-2814