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Respiratory Therapy Program Application Process

Sunday, November 19, 2017

All steps must be completed in the following order:

Step 1: Complete an on-line application for admission to University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College, including all required admissions documentation. Admission to the College does not constitute admission to the Respiratory Therapy program. Submit the following admissions documents:

  • High school or GED transcript (required even if a college transfer)
  • Official transcripts from all transferring colleges, if applicable
  • Proof of two immunizations against measles and rubella as mandated by Arkansas state law

Step 2: Current University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College students should complete an online application for the Respiratory Therapy program.

Step 3: Schedule an advising appointment through Insight with the Respiratory Therapy Department.

All of the above documentation should be submitted by March 15 of each year to allow sufficient time for applications to be processed.