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Tutoring Staff

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Learning Assistance Center Tutoring Staff

Below is a complete list of our tutors listed by the location they assist students.

North Little Rock Tutoring  Room 310 (Math/Science)

Doug Van Venrooji
Richard Page
Jeffrey Wittig
Jacob Peets
Jennifer Faulkner
Edward Tawiah
Terry Allmon-Conner

North Little Rock Tutoring Room 309 (Reading/Writing)

Lois Moore
Lynn Strong
Rebecca Glover

North Little Rock Computer Lab Room 308

Terry Long
Rebecca Glover
LaDawna Williams

Little Rock-South Tutoring Room 220

Yvonne Delnis
Theresa Stout
Felicia Dokes

Little Rock-South Computer Lab Room 203

Raquel Yarbrough
Anita Greaves

Contact Information

For additional information or for questions about services offered at the Learning Assistance Center, contact the LAC Coordinator Terry Brown at [email protected] or call (501) 812-2266.


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