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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Classroom instruction

Students are expected to attend all class sessions. After an unavoidable absence due to illness, emergency, or other extenuating circumstance, the student must take the responsibility for contacting instructors in order to initiate arrangements for completing all activities missed. Excessive absences and work not made up may adversely affect final grades. Failure to attend class for any period of time does not constitute a withdrawal. Students should attend the first day of classes.

Instructors establish attendance policies for their classes, and students have the responsibility to know those policies and to comply with them. When absences exceed the number allowed by the instructor of the class, the instructor has the authority to assign the student a grade of “F” at the end of the semester or to drop the student from the class through an administrative drop.

Attendance for students receiving Veterans Administration benefits will be reported to the VA representative in Veterans Services. Unavoidable absences such as jury duty, military duties, injuries, or illness must have written documentation supplied by the student. Makeup work for classes or tests missed will be arranged with the instructor’s consent. When a student drops a course or is administratively dropped by the instructor, the Department of Veterans Affairs will be notified of the last date of attendance and directed to end benefits for the course for the remainder of the term.

Administration Drop Policy for Non Attendance

Instructors have the authority to drop students who are not attending their classes consistently during the fall and spring semesters. For those departments without an attendance policy, a student may be dropped any time after the student has not attended twice the number of class meetings per week. Instructors in departments that have more restrictive attendance policies, such as nursing and respiratory therapy, should initiate administrative drop as departmental policy dictates. Students who are administratively dropped are not eligible for a refund.

Administration Drop Policy for Online Courses

Students enrolled in online courses must demonstrate active engagement and participation in online course activity every seven (7) days or they may be dropped from the course. Simply logging into the course is not sufficient by itself to demonstrate active course engagement and/or academic attendance. Individual instructors determine activities that require student engagement and participation. Examples of engagement and participation include, but are not limited to: posting to a discussion board, contributing to collaborative activities, submitting assignments, or taking tests, quizzes, or assessments. Students who are administratively dropped are not eligible for a refund.