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Establish Student Learning Outcomes

Sunday, November 19, 2017

1. Establish clear, measurable expected outcomes of student learning.

A. Per program and/or course (as directed by your department’s Chair or division’s Dean), each faculty team meets annually to specifically review the stated Student Learning Outcomes.

B. Based upon the data collected, analyzed, and reported on from the previous years, the faculty team makes revisions in the Student Learning Outcomes as indicated.

These revisions, may include the following:

  • omitting the Student Learning Outcome from the data analysis for that academic year;
  • revising or omitting the outcome to better align with curricular changes;
  • making revisions that more accurately or clearly state the outcome; or
  • making revisions that state a more measurable outcome.

C. Develop assessment instruments that will accurately measure the outcome.

These might consist of any of the following:

  • authentic learning assessments;
  • assessment assignments or activities;
  • project to be accomplished or product to be produced that demonstrates learning
  • bank of appropriate test/quiz questions (short answer questions and essay questions)

D. Develop a method of measurement.

  • Checklist
  • Rating List
  • Rubric
  • Structured Observation Guide
  • Answer Key & Scoring Guide

E. Establish a guide and method for accurate data collection

  • Use technology tools to input and track data
  • Develop steps to be followed for data analysis