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About Us

Monday, November 20, 2017


3000 West Scenic Drive
Administration Building, Room 108
North Little Rock, AR 72118

Assessment Office Personnel:

Susanne C. Ashby, PhD
Assessment Coordinator

Assessment Office Mission Statement:

Consistent with the College mission of providing access to high quality education that promotes student learning, enables individuals to develop to their fullest potential and supports the economic development of the state, Assessment Office facilitates the continuous improvement of student learning and instruction by developing processes, providing information and technical assistance in data collection and analysis, and disseminating research-proven strategies and best practices regarding student learning assessment.


  1. The main purpose of student learning assessment is to inform our educators’ own instructional delivery in order to improve student learning and development.
  2. Student learning outcomes will be established at the program level and reflect the priorities as stated in the College’s General Education Outcomes, Mission and Core Values.
  3. Working collaboratively, faculty will analyze student work with its primary aim being to ascertain student learning gains according to its program-level student learning outcomes.

Guiding Precepts:

  1. The Academic Assessment Committee will work collaboratively with the Assessment Coordinator to provide guidance and review of activities associated with the Assessment Office.
  2. Due to the faculty’s role and responsibilities regarding curriculum, instruction and assessment, the faculty has the primary responsibility for the development, implementation, data collection, data analysis and reporting of its ongoing academic assessment activities.
  3. Program and course level Student Learning Outcomes and their commensurate assessments will reflect the College’s mission, values, and General Education Outcomes.
  4. Assessment activities will reflect best practices nationally, and will be integrated into the curriculum while involving an appropriate multi-method approach.
  5. Faculty will continually and annually share results with stakeholders.
  6. The assessment program at UA-PTC will be routinely and continuously evaluated.

Role of the Assessment Coordinator and the Assessment Office

The Assessment Coordinator and Assessment Office personnel will:

  • collaboratively and routinely work with faculty to improve skills, processes, and procedures associated with Student Learning Assessment;
  • routinely seek input from faculty regarding their informational and learning needs concerning Student Learning Assessment at UA-PTC;
  • promote best practices among faculty regarding Student Learning Assessment at UA-PTC;
  • assure that units revise and update their assessment plans and perform program reviews as per their plans;
  • showcase outstanding assessment efforts at UA-PTC;
  • provide an updated, web-based clearinghouse (or centralized collection) of assessment plans, assessment instruments, assessment practices, assessment data, and assessment results; and will
  • work collaboratively and proactively with internal and external organizations and entities as needed to conduct, collect and communicate results of student learning assessment at UA-PTC.