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Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Conference funding

Will PDI pay for me to go to a conference?
You may be eligible for conference (or other training) funding through the Professional Development Institute. The form, instructions, and other information on conference funding can be found on the Conference Funding Request page. Please note that funding is limited and is not automatically awarded for all requests.

What policies do I need to know about conference funding?

  1. PDI will not fund a conference request for the same person in consecutive years.
  2. PDI funding is limited to two people for the same conference.
  3. Funding is limited to up to $2,000 per person.
  4. Grantees are expected to present at least one professional development session through PDI once training is complete.
  5. Incomplete funding requests will be sent back to the originator.

I don’t want to go to a conference, but I would like to access online training. Is funding available for other types of training?
Yes. Use the Conference Funding Request form to complete your request, but let us know the details of the training you are interested in. Please note that we do not pay for non-training items, such as materials for your classroom or a new computer.

Mandatory Training

Which training is mandatory?
A list of mandatory training can be found on the PDI website. Title IX/Haven and Mandated Reporter training are offered only online, and you can find instructions for accessing those trainings on the Mandatory Training page.

Are part-time faculty and staff required to complete mandatory training? What about student workers?
All employees, part- or full-time are required to complete all mandatory training, which is available online and can be taken at a time and place most convenient.

I took the Mandated Reporter training. What do I do with the certificate?
Save your certificate as a PDF. Email it to Jayne Pyle, director of the Professional Development Institute ([email protected]). I will send the email to HR and Mary, to make sure you get credit. If you are a faculty member, copy your chair and dean on the email. Other supervisors may require you to copy them as well, but that is determined by individual department. Please do not send paper copies. If you lose your certificate, you can get it by logging back into the website where you completed the training. The Mandatory Training page has instructions for accessing the course.

What is the deadline for completing mandatory training?
The deadline to complete mandatory training is December 31 (unless your supervisor told you otherwise). Title IX/Haven training is required every three years, and you will be reminded when the next cycle begins.

Online Training

How do I sign up for online access to training?
Information on signing up for PDI Online can be found on the website. Keep in mind that access is not automatic, and new students are usually not added until the end of the month. New users will receive an email with information on how to access the online course.

I signed up for PDI Online. Why haven’t I received anything?
Access to PDI Online is not instant. PDI Online is offered through Blackboard, and names are added at the end of each month. Once you have been added, you will be sent a “Welcome” email with instructions for accessing the content. If you want access or even think you might want access during the year, sign up now. By registering early, you will be added to the course and will be able to complete training anything within the year.

General Professional Development

I learned about this cool topic, and I would like to do a presentation, what do I do?
Let us know if you have a topic you would like to present. We will set things up for you and advertise the event. Even if you just want to present to a small, specific group, let us know so we can ensure everyone gets credit for presenting or attending.

I want to suggest a specific professional development topic. Do you take requests?
Yes! We prefer to offer training that fits the needs of faculty and staff, so any recommendations you give are taken seriously. We ask that you provide as detailed information as possible so we can put together something that fits. For example, if tell us you want a training on communication, we will ask you to clarify. Do you want a training on communicating with students, conflict resolution, professional email, telephone etiquette, business writing, etc.?

We do training within the department. Can we get credit for that?
Yes! We need to know in advance of the training. We also need the specifics (title, description, presenter, date, times, location, etc.) so we can enter the information into the database. The training does not have to be open to the entire campus.


How can I find out what training I have completed this year?
At this time, we do not have a way for you to look online to check to see what you have completed. You could create an electronic sticky note and record your training as you complete it, or you could record your own attendance in your calendar. Official transcripts are kept in PDI, so you have to contact Mary Gall, training coordinator, ([email protected]) and ask her to send you your transcript.