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Lesson 10: Fine Examples of Student Learning Outcomes

Monday, November 20, 2017

Below are some examples across the disciplines of well written SLOs.

  • List the steps of the Scientific Method. [science]
  • Explain how use of the Scientific Method furthers scientific knowledge. [science]
  • Measure the density of a sample of a solid and a liquid using available laboratory equipment. [science]
  • Classify common elements as metals, non-metals and semi-metals, then describe the properties of each class. [science]
  • Given a series of radiographic examinations, apply the most appropriate positioning skills for each. [radiography]
  • Compare and contrast interpersonal communication theories. [communication]
  • Create and deliver presentations that incorporate the appropriate use of content, organization, language, vocalics, kinesics, eye contact, appearance, visual aids, and time constraints. [speech, communication]
  • Given a real world problem, solve the problem mathematically by representing the situation using mathematical symbols. [math]
  • Apply Kirchhoff’s laws, linearity, superposition, and Thevenin’s theorem in the design and analysis of circuits. [electronics]
  • Given a script scene, demonstrate appropriate lighting techniques. [digital cinematography]
  • Given a scenario regarding a type of document to be designed, apply typography theory and various typographical styles to create the document. [graphic design]
  • Demonstrate three techniques of sterilization and disinfection according to infection control and safety guidelines. [dental assistant]
  • Diagram various banquet layouts based upon a given event and number of seatings. [hospitality management]
  • Describe the proper use of humidity and bland aerosol therapy as they apply to the respiratory system. [respiratory therapy]
  • Given a clinical assessment, describe how to assess and modify oxygen therapy. [respiratory therapy]
  • After viewing an assigned film based on a literary text, write a review of the film. [film appreciation]
  • Given the description of an infant with a particular disability, identify the parental support and education services available on-site, in-home, and via community services. [child development]
  • Given a debatable historical issue, create a graphic organizer presenting one argument and one counter argument with historical data and expert analysis as evidence for each position. [history]
  • Explain the use of Ohm’s Law for the repair of a vehicle headlight’s electrical issue. [vehicle repair]