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Use the Results to Improve Instructional Delivery

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

4. Use the results of the analyses to understand and improve student learning.

A. Reflect upon the results and its implications in regard to the following:

  • the curriculum,
  • instructional practices,
  • student assignments,
  • student learning,
  • instructional materials in use
  • the amount of instructional time devoted to the outcome in question.

B. Discuss the results and reflect upon instructional practices.

C. Research best practices used for instruction within the particular discipline.

D. Draft a list of recommendations to be followed in order to best address the student learning gaps.

E. Make revisions in the current instructional practices in order to best address the learning gaps indicated by the results. These revisions could include any of the following:

  • number and/or type of assignments used as student learning opportunities to practice the concepts, skills and processes to be acquired
  • type of instructional strategies used to convey the concepts, skills and processes to be acquired
  • learning materials used

F. Revise the Student Learning Assessment Plan if indicated by the list of recommendations.

G. Implement the changes and start this cyclical process again again