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Monday, November 20, 2017


  • A simple list of assessment criteria or components that must be present in student work
  • With a space for checking off whether the student has accomplished the action or included the item
  • No judgment made on quality only whether the item is present or not
  • Does not give an indication of student understanding or mastery
  • Mostly “yes” or “no” absolutes


Best used when introducing basic skills, a new process, or necessary components of a project or product.

Ensures that:

  • All required steps have been completed
  • All required items have been included
  • All required behaviors have been performed
  • Most applicable possibilities have been considered


Format 1:

  • Two-column
  • First column for check
  • Second column for item description
  • Row after each set of items for comments

Format 2:

  • Two-column
  • First column for item description
  • Second column for check
  • Row after each set of items for comments

Format 3:

List of numbered items with blank for space in front of each item

All formats include:

  • Comment section
  • Student Name
  • Date
  • Course: Section Number

How to

  1. Determine the required items, steps, behaviors or possibilities
  2. List them in order of occurrence, necessity, importance, or chronology
  3. If list is lengthy group under topical headings
  4. Create a grid or chart to contain all items
  5. Allow space for checking off its completion
  6. Allow space for comments [either at bottom of page or under each item or under each grouping of items]
  7. Include explanation for how a final score is calculated

Some Tips

  • Use simple formats that can be easily understood by students
  • Make sure that all descriptors used are distinct, easily understood, and observable
  • Include a place for the date in order to track progress over time
  • Leave space to record anecdotal notes or comments
  • Use similarly structured templates each time for student familiarity
  • Be flexible in revising items/descriptors to maintain the checklist’s applicability


Lab Procedural Checklist (PDF)

APA Style Reference Section Checklist (PDF)