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Links to More Professional Development Resources

Monday, November 20, 2017

Teaching and Learning Centers

1. IDEA Center

2. Honolulu Community College Faculty Development

3. Teaching & Learning Center—Eastern Kentucky University

4. University of Oklahoma Instructional Development Program

5. University of California at Berkley

6. Johnson County Community College—Center for Teaching & Learning

7. Searle Center for Teaching Excellence at Northwestern Univ.

8. Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence

Journals, Newsletters, & Assorted Publications

1. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

2. National Teaching and Learning Forum

3. The Teaching Professor

4. Tomorrow’s Professor Listserv


1. International Alliance of Teacher Scholars

2. The Gallery of Teaching and Learning

3. The League for Innovation in the Community College

4. The National Council for Staff, Program, and Organizational Development

5. POD Network

6. Professional Development Network for Higher Education

7. 4

Specialized Strategy/Topic Sites

1. The Active Learning Site

2. The Cooperative Learning Center at the University of Minnesota

3. Problem Based Learning—Samford University

4. Evergreen State University’s Learning Communities

Individual’s Sites

1. Craig Nelson’s Bibliography

2. Ted Panitz’s Home Page

3. Faculty Development Associates’ Online Resources


1. NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence

2. Great Teachers Workshops/Seminars

3. Teaching for a Change

4. International Conference on College Teaching and Learning

5. The Teaching Professor Conference

Contact Information

Prepared by:

Gordon E. Watts
Executive Vice President
National Park Community College
101 College Drive
Hot Springs, AR 71913
Phone: 501-760-4202
Fax: 501-760-4100
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