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Computer Requirements

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Blackboard Browser Support

In order for Blackboard to function properly on your computer, please click here for browser support information.

Internet Browsers

For all browsers, JavaScript™, Cookies, and Java must be enabled.

Known Internet Service Provider Issues:

  • AOL - Connect to the Internet with AOL; then, minimize the AOL browser and open Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer and log in to the UA-PTC portal.
  • PeoplePC - Students who use this service need to contact PeoplePC and ask how to add Blackboard as a trusted site.
  • Cyberback - Students who use this service need to contact Cyberback.

Common Problems Using Blackboard and Solutions

Error 1005:

If you get “Error 1005” when logging into Blackboard, turn off the CAPS LOCK key. The username is lowercase and the password will be a combination of upper and lower case letters.

IE Default Cache Settings:

The default cache settings for Internet Explorer do not work well with Blackboard. Using the default settings will cause issues with course design, quizzing, and any page where the page reloads or refreshes.


Many employers and companies set up firewalls as security measures against hackers. Firewalls provide security by closing certain Internet ports, which disables student access to interactive computer applications like Blackboard. If you are unable to connect to Blackboard at work, your company’s network administrator may need to open the following ports:

Blackboard Port: (TCP) 8900
Chat Port: (TCP) 4445
Whiteboard Port: (TCP) 4567
Java Servlet Engine Port: (TCP) 8009

Disabling Pop-Up Blocking for Blackboard

While using Blackboard, if you are unable to view discussion postings, quiz windows, and download links, then you need to disable pop-up blocking for your Blackboard server. Depending on the pop-up blocking software you are using, you may be able to set your Blackboard server as an allowed site, or you may need to disable the pop-up blocker while using Blackboard. Pop-up blockers work in the background while you browse the internet. When they detect a pop-up window that may be an unwanted advertisement, they automatically close the window. This can prevent Blackboard from performing properly.

To disable pop-up blockers for Blackboard, please follow these steps:

  1. Search your hard drive for any software with "pop-up" in the name.
  2. Disable it or set your Blackboard server as an allowed site. Examples of popular pop-up blocking applications include Pop-Up Stopper, Pop-Up Defender and Pop-Up Zapper.
  3. Pop-up blocking functions are included in some anti-virus, internet security, personal firewall, and browser programs. Disable the relevant setting in the program or set your Blackboard server as an allowed site.