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Institutional Effectiveness

Saturday, August 24, 2019


Institutional effectiveness is measuring performance against mission in all aspects of UA-PTC through systematic, explicit, and documented processes.

While strategic planning focuses on the actions taken to implement the institutional mission and meet institutional goals, institutional effectiveness focuses on the results of those actions to determine how well the institution’s mission and goals are being fulfilled (Addison 7). UA-PTC has developed and adopted the Plan, Implement, Evaluate or PIE process to guide its institutional effectiveness activities and continuous quality improvement efforts.

  • Identify expected outcomes
  • Establish specific measures for each outcome
  • Identify specific activities and timelines to achieve outcomes


  • Carry out planned activities
  • Collect data and monitor progress


  • Analyze collected data
  • Evaluate the success of the activities
  • Use evaluation to modify or create new plan
  • Report results


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