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Step-by-step Enrollment Process

Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to Apply as a Concurrent Student

Concurrent enrollment is when you are enrolled in a class for which you receive both high school credit and college credit. The class may be on your high school campus or on a UA-PTC campus. Your high school must have an agreement with UA - Pulaski Technical College.

1. Apply online.


Apply here

Choose high-school student from the options. You must have a social security number to apply online. If you do not have a social security number, contact the director of admissions at (501) 812-2232.

2. Set up your MyPTC Portal and student e-mail.

The MyPTC Portal and your UA-PTC student email address are your connection to all things UA - Pulaski Tech. Once your application is processed, you’ll receive an email to let you know your MyPTC Portal account is ready for you to set up and use.

3. Complete your required items.

As a Concurrent Early College student you must submit:

  • Early College Enrollment Form
    - Your high school must approve the classes you wish to take and verify that you meet the required high school grade point average on the Early College Enrollment Form. Forms are also available at your high school and at all UA-PTC locations. This form must be completed EVERY semester and must be signed by you, your parent or guardian, and your high counselor, principal, or designee.
  • Transcript
    -May be supplied by your school, check with your school counselor/administrator
  • ACT or COMPASS scores showing you are eligible for selected courses
    -May be supplied by your school, check with your school counselor/administrator

Generally, your high school will gather all transcripts and test scores for you to submit to UA-PTC as a group.

Check with your school to see what the process is to make sure your documents get submitted.

You can find your personalized list of required items on the “Admissions” tab of the MyPTC Portal..

4. Get registered.

Once UA-PTC has the applications and documents from you and your high school, the Early College Coordinator will enroll you and your fellow students into the designated classes.

5. Pay for your classes and buy your books.

Pay for your classes by the deadline in the UA-PTC academic calendar or the date established for your high school. You are responsible for purchasing your course textbook. Some high schools may provide textbooks.

6. Get Informed!

Read the Early College Student Handbook (PDF).