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Choosing Your Degree

Sunday, November 19, 2017

UA-PTC offers advising services to all students. One of our goals is to determine the best degree to meet your educational and career goals.

Making a choice on your college degree or major can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many choices. We want to make this process exciting, not scary!

If you are not sure what direction is best for you, feel free to come by the Advising Center and speak with an advisor about our degree options. We can give you some tips about how to identify majors that might be a good fit.

UA-PTC Degrees

All students should take the time to review the degrees and certificates offered at UA-PTC. If you have questions about specific degree options, we always encourage you to speak with an academic advisor.


The Kuder Career Assessment is an online career assessment that sets the standard recognized by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, WorkForce Education and the Arkansas Association of Two Year Colleges. The Kuder Career Assessment assesses ones interest, values and skills and correlates them with a variety of career fields. Students explore occupations equipping them to make informed career decisions.

Taking the Kuder Career Assessment is the first step to self-discovery and learning about the world of work.

KUDER Handout (PDF)