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Whom to Contact

Sunday, November 19, 2017
Accounts Payable Contact [email protected]
Invoices and Vendor PaymentsAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
 Cindy Donohoe(501) 812-2209
Employee travel reimbursements/TR-1'sAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
Receiving reportsAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
 Cindy Donohoe(501) 812-2209
1099 statementsAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
Agency accountsAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
Fuel Card inquiresCindy Donohoe(501) 812-2209
P-Card inquiresAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
Payroll Contact [email protected]
Employee Pay ChecksRenee Ikard(501) 812-2202
Pay for Hourly EmployeesRenee Ikard(501) 812-2202
Direct deposit of payroll checksRenee Ikard(501) 812-2202
W-2 StatementsRenee Ikard(501) 812-2202
1095-C/ACA StatementsBillie Egli(501) 812-2204
DPS Access (Distributed Purchasing System) Contact
Assistant ControllerBillie Egli(501) 812-2204
Budget Transfer Requests in DPSAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
GL Account access for Requisitions and Budget TransfersAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
Maintenance of Approval Profiles for DPSAlice Evans(501) 812-2827
Student Accounts Contact [email protected]
Tuition and Fee ChargesStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Student Account BalancesStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Payment PlansStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Student Payments (Online)Student Billing(501) 812-2278
Payment Due DatesStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Student Refund InquiriesStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Bookstore ChargesStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Diners Club CardsStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Tuition/Fee Payments by 3rd PartiesStudent Billing(501) 812-2278
Business and Finance Contact
General financial data and questions
Monthly Budget Status ReportsMelinda Gaston(501) 812-2213
Journal EntriesBillie Egli(501) 812-2204
Account NumbersBillie Egli(501) 812-2204
General Financial Data and QuestionsBillie Egli(501) 812-2204
Reporting and Ad hoc ReportsBillie Egli(501) 812-2204
Budget and Other Finance-Related Questions
General Budget QuestionsJoshua Walker(501) 812-2210
Zero-Based Budget training and inquiriesMelinda Gaston(501) 812-2213
Vehicle InsuranceMelinda Gaston(501) 812-2213
Accounts Receivable (Non-Student)
Invoices to and Payments from 3rd PartiesKayla Smith(501) 812-2398
Purchasing Contact [email protected]
Travel (Authorization and Arrangements)Barbara Jones(501) 812-2820
Requisition/Purchase Order for Goods and ServicesAlex Binci(501) 812-2366
Vendor Set-UpBarbara Jones(501) 812-2820
Bids (Competitive/RFP/RFQ) - PCS and TGS ContractsAlex Binci(501) 812-2366
Purchase Order ReportingAlex Binci(501) 812-2366
Travel Related Issues (After Hours)Alex Binci(501) 734-9252
Inventory Contact [email protected]
Fixed AssetsAlex Binci(501) 812-2366
Inventory Equipment: Laptops, PCsAlex Binci(501) 812-2366
Office Campus EquipmentAlex Binci(501) 812-2366
Inventory ReportingAlex Binci(501) 812-2366
Grants and Contracts Contact [email protected]
Administrator of Grants and ContractsLouise Branscomb(501) 812-2218
GL account setup and inquiriesLouise Branscomb(501) 812-2218
Budget modifications and expensesLouise Branscomb(501) 812-2218
Financial reporting and invoicingLouise Branscomb(501) 812-2218
Approval for Supplemental ContractsLouise Branscomb(501) 812-2218
Grant closeoutsLouise Branscomb(501) 812-2218
Vendor contracts reviewLouise Branscomb(501) 812-2218
Human Resources Contact [email protected]
Employee Relations/Position PostingReba Treece(501) 771-6076
Employee ContractsPatricia Stapler(501) 812-2784
Employee BenefitsTara Rice(501) 812-2203
HR AdministrationCathy Donohoe(501) 812-2839
Professional Development & TrainingJayne Pyle(501) 812-2813
PD AdministrationMary Gall(501) 812-2751
AVC Human ResourcesSherry Young(501) 812-2724
Center for Teaching Excellence Contact [email protected]
Faculty DevelopmentJayne Pyle(501) 812-2813
New Faculty AcademyJayne Pyle(501) 812-2813
Training LabMary Gall(501) 812-2751
Professional Development Institute Contact [email protected]
Administrative Professionals ConferenceJayne Pyle(501) 812-2813
Professional Development WeekJayne Pyle(501) 812-2813
Teambuilding TrainingJayne Pyle(501) 812-2813
Staff DevelopmentJayne Pyle(501) 812-2813
Mandatory TrainingMary Gall(501) 812-2751
Physical Plant and Facilities Contact [email protected]
Janitorial ServicesChris Moreland(501) 771-6050
Maintenance/GroundsBJ Marcotte(501) 771-6040
Facility ProjectsTeresa Tessman(501) 812-2374
Emergencies/AfterhoursBryan Rusher(501) 812-2850
Bookstore Contact [email protected]
Bookstore InquiriesMichael Everhart(501) 812-4102
Big Rock Bistro/
Finish Line Cafe
Aladdin InquiriesNatasha Jones(501) 812-2701
All Other InquiriesContact
Administrative CoordinatorCasey Johnson(501) 812-2307
Vice Chancellor for Finance/CFOStacey Hogue(501) 812-2299