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Thursday, September 21, 2017

IRPE coordinates and supports planning at the institutional, divisional, and departmental levels. Planning focuses on actions to improve processes or make a unit operate more efficiently to meet institutional goals. Departments and divisions should align their plans with PTC’s annual goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Planning Resources

Current Plans

PTC Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Student Learning and Success. UA PTC will continue its commitment to student success by providing programs and services that will help students achieve their goals.

Goal 2: Continuing Education and Community Engagement. UA PTC will provide continuing education and community services that are responsive to the needs of citizens and organizations in central Arkansas.

Goal 3: Economic and Workforce Development. UA PTC will address the workforce development needs of central Arkansas by (a) developing and strengthening partnerships with area school districts, colleges, universities, and hospitals; (b) delivering high quality technical programs that respond to the changing employment needs and opportunities in the region; and, (c) providing high quality customized training for business and industry.

Goal 4: Access. UA PTC will provide central Arkansans with accessible, high quality, affordable technical education and university transfer programs.

Goal 5: Quality Learning Environment. UA PTC will provide a quality learning environment by promoting excellence in teaching and learning and maintaining up-to-date facilities and technology.

Goal 6: Sustainability. UA PTC will continue seeking additional financial, physical, and human resources to support the development and ongoing improvement of our programs and services.

Goal 7: Continuous Planning and Effectiveness. UA PTC will continuously assess and respond to changing student and community needs, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our programs and services, and update our planning goals and strategies.